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Providing financial security for your loved ones should be a top priority for everyone. Nevertheless, far too often, the importance of undertaking the appropriate legal action to protect their financial future is forgotten or misplaced. And such an oversight can have major consequences, that courts frequently are incapable of appropriately fixing, let alone insuring your true wishes and desires are fulfilled.

As such, it is important that you take control of your family's future financial well-being by putting in place the correct legal plan, including wills, powers of attorney / personal directives, trusts and estate planning. These legal tools, when properly drafted and implemented, can make a major difference in ensuring the future well-being of you and your loved ones. It is nothing that should be left to chance, but should match your personal expectations as to how it is managed and the anticipated results that should come about upon your passing (or incapacity).

Equally important is dealing with the estate of a loved one when they have passed away, given that even with a legal valid will, the executor of the decedent's estate can require legal advice in implementing the decedent's will and/or procuring a grant of probate from the Court. In the absence of a will or defects that invalidate the will, than the decedent's estate will be subject to administration, which must conform to the statutory requirements set out in the Alberta Wills and Succession Act.

And unfortunately when things go wrong following the death of a family member, disputes do arise, necessitating the pursuit of a legal resolution through estate litigation. This is never a pleasant experience, although when it is necessary, resolving these contenious disputes between family members is an unfortunate reality.

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